Chattanooga Room in the Inn (CRITI) incurs all costs associated with running a typical household. Maintaining a safe, healthy environment for the women and children is our priority. Once residents complete the program, CRITI works hard to establish them in their own home with all the needed items. For these reasons, we gladly accept the following donations:

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    CRITI relies on our supporters to bring cleaning products, toiletries, over-the-counter medication, hygiene products, baby products, and food items. We keep an updated Wish List of items that our facility is lacking on Amazon.

    We are unable to accept clothing items at this time due to lack of storage at CRITI.


    When our ladies have graduated from our program and are ready to move into their own home, we provide them with as many household items as we can. People will call and ask to donate beds, couches, tables and other furniture items that make a house a home and, even though our storage space is limited, we accept as many as we can.

    The ladies are FULL of gratitude when they see the new bedding, pots and pans, and decorations that fill their apartment. Receiving these donations kick starts their new life at home and relieves an enormous amount of stress for them and their children. We are proud or our community that comes together to create a home for the women and children experiencing homelessness!



    Financial contributions are always appreciated. Donations can be made by calling the CRITI office or online through our secure server. Please enter the amount you would like to donate in the box above. We accept most credit and debit cards.

    Others Ways to Help

    Twenty percent of Our Village gross revenues are donated to support family service, transformational organizations.
    iGive features over 680 brand name stores donating a percentage of each sale everytime you make an online purchase!
    Raise money for Chattanooga Room in the Inn by using as your search engine! GoodSearch is a new search engine that donates half its revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. You use it just as you would any search engine. Just 500 of us searching four times a day will raise about $7300 in a year without anyone spending a dime! Be sure to spread the word!
    Run by the same folks at GoodSearch, GoodShop features many participating corporations that will donate a percentage of each sale to CRITI everytime you shop. Go to GoodShop to see the list of participating merchants and the percentage of each sale that they donate.