Chattanooga Room in the Inn (CRITI) provides more than just shelter. In the loving arms of our CRITI and HomeAgain Programs, women can address the issues that brought them to our door, learn how to pave the way to a brighter future and never be homeless again.


Chattanooga Room in the Inn (CRITI) is a three to nine month residential program for homeless women and children. Services provided at CRITI are free of charge and include transitional housing, three meals a day, access to affordable or free health care, life skills training, parenting classes, mentoring, assistance with finding affordable housing, and case management services. This program allows the women and their children to find stability and thereby increase their opportunities and chances for independence when they leave the program.


Chattanooga Room in the Inn's HomeAgain program offers permanent, safe and affordable housing for graduates of the program. They are eligible for case management and all the services they received in-house at CRITI. Funded by the City of Chattanooga using funds from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), it was specifically aimed at creating affordable housing for those experiencing homelessness and providing the supportive services necessary to keep them from experiencing homelessness again.