Lacy came to us with her teenage daughter after losing her job and apartment. She quickly found a minimum wage job and started saving money, but it just wasn't enough to be able to leave the shelter and afford rent on her own. We were able to connect her to Novonix, one of our corporate supporters, who hired her in a position making $22 an hour. This was a life changing for Lacy! After working there for a few months, she and her daughter were able to move out of the shelter and into permanent housing. Her daughter is thriving in school and socially. They love their new place!


Tara grew up in the foster system and didn't have a family or a network to turn to when she lost housing. Despite being homeless and having faced many obstacles, she was highly motivated to make a better future for herself. She regularly met with our staff to find out about resources and always had a positive attitude. Tara decided to enlist in the National Guard. As we helped her pack her things, she was all smiles and told our staff how much she loved us. We are so very proud of her and know great things are on the horizon!