New Hope for Life

by Christine

On April 30th, 2018, I walked through the doors at CRITI. One suitcase andĀ my eight-month old son ‘Jr’ in hand…impoverished, unemployed, abused,Ā uneducated and now homeless too. Since childhood, I became almostĀ conditioned to withstand maltreatment…I had no idea I was beingĀ emotionally abused. After many failed relationships and absolutely zeroĀ personal success, my family put me aside and labeled me a problem andĀ embarrassment. I had nowhere to go.

Since I walked through CRITI’s doors, I have accomplished more life goalsĀ [than in] my entire life combined. The women here have shown me love,Ā respect, safety and compassion. They believe in me. CRITI made it possibleĀ to obtain my GED and enroll in the ‘ticket to work’ program. In two years,Ā my goal is to complete my Certified Professional Coder apprenticeship, earnĀ a living wage and not be receiving any public assistance.

Chris has since received her coding certification and resides in permanent housing.

"I will forever be grateful to CRITI for showing me my way home...may life will never be the same again."

CRITI Provides Support for Permanent Housing

Chattanooga Room in the Inn's HomeAgain program offers permanent, safe and affordable housing for graduates of the program. They are eligible for case management and all the services they received in-house at CRITI. HomeAgain is specifically aimed at creating affordable housing for those experiencing homelessness and providing the supportive services necessary to keep them from experiencing homelessness again.